Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Latest from Sephora

It's been awhile since my last shopping trip at Sephora. I have to spread my trips (or online orders) out because Sephora is one of those places where I can get lost in the abundance of beauty products and then wander out $200 cheaper than when I started! I have been keeping a beauty shopping list, so I ventured in telling myself that I would only buy what was on my list. And I actually stuck to it!
The first necessity was a new pink blush. I have heard lots about Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes and read many reviews online, so I decided to pick it up in Dollface. I wore it yesterday and was really pleased with how long lasting it was. And Dollface is such a pretty pink color. I think it would be really flattering for most skintones.
My other need was for an eyebrow pen. I had one from a local beauty place but I wasn't really in love with it. After searching online, I came across the Anastasia Brow Pen - Long Wearing Brow Tint. I know it's advised to wear a color lighter than you would think, so I chose the Universal Light shade.
My last purchase wasn't really a necessity, but rather something that I kept forgetting - a blue eyeliner. I was pretty pleased with Sephora's own Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof sticks in the past, so I grabbed one in the color Marine. I've been able to use these as liners but also to smudge on as an eyeshadow base!
Have you purchased anything from Sephora recently?


♥ Tara said...

I love those Tarte blushes!

Treasure said...

I wish that I had a Sephora around me );