Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Five

My five favorites this week...
#1 - Heather at Pearls & Paws made this map coasters for a fun & unique!
#2 - Last night I spent 2.5 hours sitting in a salon chair getting my hair colored & cut. Is there anything more relaxing?!
#3 - This album is AMAZING. Taylor, you've done it again!

#4 - My family got big news last week & I finally get to share - my brother & his wife are making the move back to South Florida! They have been living in Orlando for the past few years so we are SO happy that they will be local year round. :)

#5 - Kiley of A Sequin Dress at Breakfast made these pumpkin shakes - they look like a MUST for the fall season. Am I the only one obsessed with pumpkin?

Happy Friday lovelies! xo


1 comment:

Emma C. said...

So excited you get your baby bro back! That's great news. I think there should be a #6 though... You just found out your west coast cousins made a last minute decision to come home for Thanksgiving ;)