Monday, March 26, 2012

Sephora Goodies - Part 2

IIt's been a few months since my last Sephora haul but I had a wad of coupons burning a hole in my wallet for a few weeks now and I finally put most of them to use. I hit up a few different stores for clothing and beauty products and I might share the rest of my purchases this week. But I definitely wanted to share what my Sephora haul consisted of because every single item I bought was a first time purchase. I hope that if you have tried any of them, you will share your feedback with me!

I needed some sort of heat protectant for my hair since I regularly use a blow dryer or flat iron. I have tried a few other brands but haven't found a keeper. The Bumble and bumble. rep was in store and she highly recommended it, calling it the "primer" of hair care.

Another necessity. I will be leaving for a little fun in the sun this weekend and while I never forget to bring suncreen for my face and body, I tend to neglect my hair. Ironic for a Florida resident, right?? I should know better!

It's described as an "industrial-strength concealer" and that is what sold me. I don't have a lot to conceal on my face but I am tired of buying concealers (that aren't cheap) and finding that they don't even last the whole day. The Sephora  makeup artist applied it for me and it looked really natural blended into my skin.

I'm playing a little game with facial cleansers now. Since I have normal/dry and sometimes sensitive skin (with occasional patches of eczema on my hairline), I am trying out different brands to see which gentle cleanser works best. The reviews online looked good so I picked up a smaller tube to try out myself.

This was my VIB perk and it scared the crap out of me when I saw it on the counter. It looks like the brightest, scariest hot pink ever but as you can see here, it's not so bad!

Please share your thoughts if you have used any of these products...I'd love to hear how they worked (or didn't!) for you!

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Heather said...

Nice work! Sephora is a casino for women... I swear when I walk in, I never know the time spent or how much I've spent!


Rachel said...

Fun Fun Fun!!! I need to do a sephora trip sometime soon- everything I have is dated! I need to find a good concealer myself. I prefer stuff that goes on very sheer... but that usually means that it also fades away before the end of the day. I'm gonna check this boi ing stuff out!

xo Rachel

Marie Martell said...

Great haul, please let us know how the soy cleanser works. I'm looking for a good face cleaner also. Thanks!