Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I have been overly exhausted this week due to an extremely tight workload. Some days feel as if the phone will never stop ringing, the emails won't stop coming in and that the piles of papers on my desk won't disappear. I can literally see 5pm flashing on my computer screen and know that I still could use another 3 hours to get work done.
Last night I came home from work just before 8pm, ate dinner and tried to watch "The Voice". But because I have been so sleep deprived, I had to force myself to shut off the technology and hit the sack way earlier than normal. 
Sometimes the need to 'unplug' is exactly what I need to keep going.
Happy Wednesday!
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Ashley Aspinwall said...

I love that whit bed frame!!

xo SideSmile,

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