Monday, October 8, 2012

Recent Mani's

I love pampering myself. If I was the richest girl in the world, having a beauty team on staff would definitely be at the top of my list. I love getting massages, long hours at the spa getting my hair done or sitting in the lounge chairs while my hands and feet get prettied up. Unfortunately, not being the richest girl means I have to take matters into my own hands at time...literally. Here are the latest of my at-home manicures.
Essie 'Boxer Shorts' and Julep 'Carrie'
Essie polishes are one of my favorite brands (along with OPI. Julep is pretty great too - plus with their membership, you get a few polishes every month for under $20 - you can read more about Julep Maven HERE.) If I find a color I really love, I buy the polish and add it to my personal collection. When it's time to hit the salon, I will take it with me to get a professional manicure & pedicure done. Then when it chips within a week's time (mani's just don't last so long on me!), I now have the exact color to touch up with at home!
Are you a salon girl or a DIY girl when it comes to your manicures?

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