Monday, January 9, 2012

Julep Maven

I love getting manicures - if not for the perfectly polished hands I leave the salon with, but also for the pamper time involved. But sometimes a girl has to do her own nails. I don't have a large collection of polishes by any means - I probably have about a handful of go-to nail colors when I am in a crunch and don't have time to run to the salon. So when I heard of Julep Maven while reading I am Style-Ish, I thought this would be great to try out!

So basically it's like a membership club in which you take a quiz based on your beauty preferences and Julep comes up with nail shades picked for you based on your quiz results! Each month, you receive nail polishes and other beauty picks for just $19.99, which is great because each nail polish retails for $14!

So my first box was for the month of December and I received the "It Girl" set:

From left to right:

Samples of their hand cream & hand brightener

The only polish I have used from my December box is Christina (along with the Nail Therapy as a base coat). The golden-orange color was on my hands all month into Christmas and it was so pretty! It did chip fairly quickly on me, but with that said most polishes do. My nails don't hold color very well for some reason, no matter the brand.

 For January, I received the "Bombshell" set:

From top, clock-wise:
Pomegranate body scrub

This box was also supposed to contain a shade called Gayle (which I totally cannot remember what color it was) but it apparently sold out, so Julep sent me a card to redeem for a free polish. I thought that was really spectacular - some companies just have an "Oh well, you missed out " attitude, so this was a nice surprise!

Overall, I am really happy with Julep and the products I have received thus far. The colors are prettier in person and really pigmented. I do think they last well, despite that I had to re-polish Christina often, but I think that it because I didn't give myself a complete mani. I just polished my nails quickly so I think if I had the time to manicure my nails as a professional would, then it would have lasted just as long as normal manis do.

Another perk that I like with being a Julep Maven is that they email you a sneak peek of what your monthly box will bring and if you aren't liking what they have selected for you, you are free to choose another set from the ones they have put together! This is just what I did for January's box - the original set wasn't made of colors I would pick myself, so I swapped that set for the "Bombshell" box. Easy-peasy!

I hope you give Julep Maven a try! I think it is really worth it especially if you are one to give yourself manicures. Polishes alone can add up and for under $20 you get a set personalized to your beauty style that retails for over $40!


Hollie Ann said...

This is awesome!!! I've just recently started doing my own nails as a mani pedi is like $50! Love that mint color!!

Elle Sees said...

Ooh I want! How big are the polishes? Samples or what?

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh my gosh, this looks SO FUN!!! Love those colors!

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Great posting! My sis gifted me some Julep and I loved the colors and the nail polish actually lasted longer on me.

Red Soles and Red Wine

Heather said...

How fun is this!!!! Great colors, and what a fun monthly surprise :)


Carrie said...

Very nice! love those colors! just found your site...very nice! I am following you now! If you get chance come stop by my site!
XO Carrie

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

i love julep!

just tututiny said...

Really cool. Love that orangey-red on you. I am not much of a nail polish girl. In the summer I like to have my toes done but nails, forget it, with kids they will chip in a second!

Monogrammed said...

I love the Megan! But all the other colors are also very pretty. You have to post up more pictures of them on, it would be such a treat!


Bravoe Runway said...

I love Julep as well! I spent quite a bit with them in December and got the mystery box, for just $20 I got a whole bunch of goodies, including 7 new colours! I got the bombshell box for January, the colours were a bit too similar to my mystery box but it's ok! I love how when it dries the polish has a floral scent versus chemical like!

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness... I LOVE Julep! Aren't their polishes the best! The Catherine (after the fab princess of course) was the perfect red for the holidays. Great post!