Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

So I enjoyed my day of nothing-ness yesterday and it was great! We stayed in all day and caught up on our load of shows on our dvr and then we got ourselves up and out for church that evening. We don't like to "waste" days like that very often, but every once in awhile it just feels right!

We did force ourselves to get groceries and laundry done this morning because we were in serious need of food (and clean clothes) but it was so hard to not repeat yesterday. I made my own version of Philly cheese steaks for lunch - swapped out the steak for chicken and sauteed some mushrooms and onions and then smothered it all in provolone goodness. They were so yum! The Steeler's won their game today so my husband is happy and nothing has been destroyed in the living room (losing games usually result in items being tossed across the room - he gets serious about these games and losses are not taken lightly!). Tonight we are supposed to be heading over to my parents' house to visit with my aunt and her family who are visiting from NYC. It's always good to see out of town family and  my little cousin is growing up so fast!

I will do a post sometime this week on Friday's wedding festivities once I upload pics and all that. Stay tuned!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend too :)

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