Monday, October 3, 2011

Painted Jewels

I am sure you have these neon beauties on the web before. These earrings are hand painted by Irish designer, Tom Binns. His collection is a full array of pieces that feature his hand painting skills along with sparkly gems and other playful embellishments such as skulls or safety pins!
I personally love the bright colors he uses on many of his pieces and see quite a few items that I wouldn't mind adding to my jewelry collection if I could afford them. The earrings above cost $225. Gulp.
Some creative bloggers have seen these as inspiration for some DIY projects. Jewelry + paints + spare time = a personalized piece that cost way less than the inspiration! Here are a few that I just love!

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Emily from cupcakes and cashmere painted this vintage brooch with nail polish! Everyone has nail polish laying around! See her tutorial here.

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Grace from Stripes & Sequins went all the way on her DIY project - she actually made the earrings! And they are a pretty close replica of the Tom Binns earrings featured above! See her tutorial here.

These ladies have made it possible to own that pricey "must have" jewelry item - they are only a DIY project away! I might have to paint a pair of earrings (or a necklace...or a brooch...or a bracelet!) for myself!

Have you made any Tom Binn's inspired pieces? Let me know!


Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Thank you so much for featuring Stripes & Sequins!! So in love with all of Tom Binns' beautiful jewels... :)

xox Grace

Erica said...

You are welcome! I love how your DYI projects make it look so easy ;)


JustPatience said...

Gorgeous. Love the pin.