Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink for Mom

That is my mom. She had just walked through the finish line at a Breast Cancer Awareness walk in October of 2009. Many of our family members joined her for a three mile walk that morning in honor of her and our grandmother who have battled this disease. My mom has been affected by breast cancer twice in her life, the most recent diagnosis just a few years ago. She underwent a few surgeries, several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and even lost her hair. I'll never forget that day when I helped shave her head - it was a moment when I felt our roles had reversed in a sense. Here was the woman who spent my whole life taking care of me and my needs and now I had the moment to take care of her. The most memorable part of this experience was always seeing my mom with a smile on her face. She displayed such an enormous amount of strength during her treatment period. Thankfully she never got too sick during those treatments and she was always positive knowing that some women had it worse than she did. She put her faith in her Lord to keep her going through it all and He did!


(Rockefeller Center - pink for the cause!)

Many retailers help support BCA month by offering a donation by purchase of item(s) that are pink for that cause. Two of those retailers are Shoedazzle and JustFabulous, monthly membership clubs (read the terms and conditions for each membership site) that offer shoes, handbags and other accessory items each month for less than $40.

Shoedazzle is offering five items (three shoes, one purse and one scarf) in their "Powerful Pink" collection. Ten percent of your purchase from this collection will be donated to Susan G. Komen For the Cure. Not a member of Shoedazzle? Sign up here!

JustFabulous will be donating 100% (Wow!!) of the proceeds when you purchase "Hadley" in pink. Donations will be given to Triple Step Toward the Cure. Not a member of JustFabulous? Sign up here!

Take the time and get to know the facts of breast cancer and how it affects women. My mom survived it but many women do not. You can find more information on the Susan G Komen website.

As the most common cancer among women outside of skin cancer, the numbers associated with breast cancer are staggering, with over 230,000 women estimated to be diagnosed in 2011.*

*Provided by the American Cancer Society

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