Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Five

My five favorites this week -

#1 - Is this not the cutest puppy ever?? I think I want him!

#2 - A gorgeous jeweled dress

#3 - Ever since last Friday's wedding, this song has been in my head non stop!
*Shoutout to my girls RG, JS & LV ;)

#4 - I have been lusting after this bag for two weeks now (maybe longer) and I tried to order it online but it was sold out. I pouted, asked friends to keep their eyes peeled for me...and then my husband went out of his way this week and picked it up at the store for me!
Isn't he the sweetest?!

#5 - Sophia Grace singing "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj...look at all that sass!
(And her little sidekick is too cute!)

Happy weekend to all!


Style Journey said...

What a cute post! Your hubby is so sweet buying you the purse! have a nice weekend!

Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

I am going to share your blog address on my blog and get my ladies to follow. They will love all the fashion stuff you put on there... especially the shoes!! xo

♥ Tara said...

Oh my goodness that puppy! I love squished face pups :)

Erica said...

@Style Journey - Isn't he?! :) Thanks, you too!

@Banded Mommy - Thanks love! Following your blog now too (where have I been?!) xo

@Tara - Me too! I want to squish him!

Gameday Stylist said...

OMG I need to have that dog! So cute :)

- Sara @ Gameday Stylist

just tututiny said...

OMG your hubby is so sweet! You are one lucky gal. I love the photo of that puppy he is adorable.

I can't believe what a coincidence it is about us starting our blog on our b-day. I would never have figured it out unless you pointed it out to me. That's amazing. We are meant to be blogger buddies ;) Have a great weekend.

Erica said...

@Thu - It was fate! Haha! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the jeweled dress! I would wear it if I could.

Erica said...

Isn't it lovely?!

The Awesome Sisters said...

Hey there, the puppy is veryyy cute and loved that dress