Thursday, October 27, 2011

Celebrity Costumes

Being that Halloween is a few days away, I am sure many people already have their costumes ready to go. The hubs and I usually stay home and pass out candy to all the little kids in our neighborhood that come looking for sweets, so there isn't really a need to dress up. But while I was surfing the 'net, I came across some pics of the rich and famous and was really impressed with some of their costumes! Some of them keep it pretty easy and low key with looks you could probably put together with things you already have in your closet! Others really go all out and come up with some elaborate looks!
Here are some of my favorites!

Lauren Conrad dressed as a flapper

Stacy Kiebler (and friends) dressed as a mariachi band

Kim K as Snow White

Audrina Patridge dressed as a peacock

Melissa Rycroft (with hubby Ty Strickland) as Snooki & Pauly D

Heidi Klum as Betty Boop

Agree with my picks? Which celeb costume looks have been your faves?


just tututiny said...

My favorite one is LC as flapper girl. One of my friends dressed her 6 year old in that last year, it was the cutest thing ever. My son is going as Captain America and daughter is Belle from Beauty and the Beast this year, we tried on their costumes last night and they looked so cute. Hope you and hubby have fun handing out candies ;)


Saint Folie said...

Heidi is amazing. Herscostumes are always the best...

We posted her 2011's halloween costume today in

so funny.

Lovely blog, girl.

Erica said...

@Thu - I hope you post pics of your kiddies all dressed up! Oh & tell your daughter that Belle is my favorite princess ;)

@Saint Folie - Heidi could have had her own post; she has always had such elaborate costumes over the years!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Bravoe Runway said...

I love Audrina's peacock dress! I am not dressing up this year...first year in a long time!

Lynzy said...

Loving that Betty Boop costume! :) Thank you so much for your kind comments on Grace's Blog, Stripes and Sequins- your so sweet!


Heather said...

I vote Heidi! She is too cute :)


Sarah said...

I love these outfits, especially Kim's, her snow white one is great! Following you.


Erica said...

@Bravoe Runway - We aren't either! Just passing out candy to the little ones :)

@Lynzy - Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed your post :)

@Sarah - Thanks for following :)