Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday's Five

My five favorites this week -

#1 - The announcement (and my excitement!) of Jason Wu for Target coming in Spring 2012! I can't wait to see how he translates his designs into something truly affordable!

#2 - Lauren Conrad's post on casual attire for a workplace where dress suits are not the requirement...this was right up my alley!

#3 - "All I Want for Christmas is You" is one of my favorite Christmas tunes and it looks like Mariah Carey will recreate it with Justin Bieber for his upcoming Christmas album, "Under the Mistletoe" due November 1. Yep, I'm kinda happy about it. He has a sweet voice and is too stinking adorable!

#4 - Not sure where rules 1-7 are, but I do love this one!

#5 - Today two of our best friends are getting married! Cheryl & Isaac will be tying the knot and joining the married couples club! The hubs and I are so honored to be part of their wedding party and it will be such a special memory to share with them. It is so amazing to see our sweet friends commit to each other in the greatest way!


Sarah {Raving Fashionista} said...

I LOVE that quote "rule" - I'd love to find the rest of them assuming they'll all be as brilliant as that! ;)

Erica said...

I bet! Hopefully they turn up somewhere ;)