Thursday, August 23, 2012

Skinnygirl Daily

Today marks day 4 of the Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse & Restore system. This cleanse is designed to...well...cleanse and restore! A few of my coworkers and I started this cleanse on Monday and so far, so good. The flavor is marked as green lemonade but I wouldn't say that is really accurate. It kinda tastes like a bunch of veggies liquefied. It's not disgusting though. This isn't advertised as a weight-loss cleanse, but rather as a 30-day detox cleanse. I drink this down right before I leave for work and then try to eat well throughout the day. Having my coworkers around helps us all stay accountable when we want to scarf down birthday cupcakes and such that seem to take up residence in our office. We each have been bringing in plenty of fruits & veggies to help us stay on track.

Have any of you tried out this cleanse? I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on it!

You can get the Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse & Restore here!

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