Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Put a Sock in It

This girl is a bit late getting aboard the sock bun train. I have heard of it countless times but have yet to investigate what it's all about. I finally checked out some pics online and scoured YouTube for a tutorial video to learn just what a sock bun is. And I cannot believe how easy it looks or how beautiful your hair can look just from using a sock!

Clearly Lauren Conrad has it perfected.

I don't think my hair is long enough to do the sock bun just yet but when it has reached my desired length, I will probably refer back to this video to get it right...

Wendy is just too cute! Not to mention, I kinda love her blog!

So tell me...have you tried out the sock bun?


Lita said...

Wow, I had no idea that type of bun was called a sock bun or that it even used a sock. That was a pretty cute video :)

Sarah said...

I've never tried it but I might as my hair is quite long! I have a doughnut ring which I use it I want to put my hair in a bun though xo

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

Oh I've tried it and I loooove it.

Julie Khuu said...

I actually have pretty thick hair so the sock bun can't cut it...I LOVE the hairgami though...same concept but they use metal slappers (remember those as a kid?) as the base...good luck!

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Peace. Love. LOL!


Tabitha Mahoney said...

I love sock buns, they're so cute.


Jasmine ToniĆ” said...

Thanks for the tip, I tried this today with my hair curly, it didn't come out perfect but its pretty cute!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Love me a good sock bun!