Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Forever 21 Finds

I'm usually a fan of braving the crowds for Black Friday but for some reason, I could not motivate myself to leave the house. I decided there wasn't anything major on my list that couldn't wait till the madness died down. I did however venture out Saturday morning and wander into my local Forever 21 store. I was browsing the website the day before and had a mental list of items that grabbed my eye. Since their sizing can be a bit off for me (and since you can't return anything for a refund), I wanted to actually see these items in person before dishing out my debit card.
The Items I Left Behind:
This top looked like it would be a cute top to throw on and the fit was alright, but I wasn't sure I liked having a black satin square on my lady parts.
I really loved this top - it looks much better in person than in this photo. I had it in my hands all the way to checkout but decided to pass because it was bigger than I would have preferred (it was from the Forever 21+ line). But for $12, I may just have it taken in.
I have NO idea why I left this behind. It was so gorgeous and the quality was much nicer than you would expect from Forever 21. And how perfect would this be for the holidays!?
The Items I Brought Home:
I have been on the hunt for a utility/military style jacket like a crazy person! But because it's not something classic like a blazer, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. I happened to see this on a random rack and immediately tried it on. I loved it! It's a tad bigger than my normal size but I think it will work out great with whatever I wear underneath.
Heart & O Rings (not seen online)
Black Triangle Earrings (not seen online)
It had been some time since my last Forever 21 visit, but I was pleasantly surprised by some of the finds within the store. I think it's a great place to find some current trends at such an affordable price point!
*Not a sponsored post - just my own opinions!

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