Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buh-Bye to Google Friend Connect

Google has announced that they will be removing the Google Friend Connect feature on all blogs. This feature has allowed you the follower the opportunity to follow Blogger posts on your Google Reader/Blogger Dashboard.

The box to the right that shows all your little faces? That's what I'm talking about.

This means that if that was your means to follow along here, that will be "disconnected" in the near future, leaving you to find a new way to follow this blog.

So here are the ways in which you can keep on reading my daily posts without missing a beat! That is, if you want to...and I hope you do!

Follow via Email
(sign up in the box on the right side)

Follow via Bloglovin'
(this is the BEST way! Plus you can follow all your blogs there!)

Follow via Facebook
(my daily posts will be added there as well as pics & other stuff!)

Follow via Twitter

Other fun ways to follow (blog posts are not included here) -


Instagram (via your iPhone)

You can find all of these on the right hand side of my blog page too!

I do suggest following via one of the other ways above!

Thank you to those who are following!

I hope you will continue and pass The Pretty Factor along to your friends and followers!


Ly said...

That really stinks for some bloggers. I guess I'm happy that I choose blogger...I doubt my many followers would take the time do follow you to another platform..i guess thats a bit sad right?


Lindsey said...

I kinda never got the whole Google Friend Connect thing. Nonetheless, I love your blog and will remain a faithful follower!!

Best, Lindsey