Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wine & Dine

This past weekend the Hubs and I went on a mini weekend getaway to Orlando with our best friends. It was the first vacation together for the six of us and I don't know if it could have been any more fun! It originally started as an idea (months ago) to head up to Walt Disney World and check out a park...then we realized that our time frame was during the annual Food & Wine Festival held at Epcot. Some quick planning began and before you knew it, our trip was a go!

Here are some photos from the trip...there are a bunch, be prepared!

I get seriously GIDDY every single time I see this entrance!

Yep, the Epcot sphere!

Coco-Cola flavors around the world

The World Showcase

Girls in England

Gardens in France

Eating in Portugal
*The travel passport gave food descriptions for each country offered & it would be stamped upon your purchase!

Moroccan market

Venetian masks

This display of Cinderella's Castle can be yours for only $38,000!

Our 'Mexican' boys

 My souvenir from England.
Princess crowns? I had to.

If you haven't been to Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival, it comes HIGHLY recommended! It happens every year sometime from September thru November.

If you haven't been to Walt Disney World yet, then I suggest you get on it!
It truly is the "Happiest Place on Earth!"


jill said...

I love the idea of Coke from around the world!

x. jill
those ghosts

Lindsey said...

How fun! I adore Disney World! My mom and I went for a long weekend when I was 21 and had the best time!

Lisa C Writes said...

I love Disney vacations! You have given me a great idea to get together with friends and plan a fun-filled trip like this!! Thanks!

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

I absolutely love Epcot - it's such a magical place. By far, my favorite part of Disney. The coke from around the world is so neat! xo

Pop Champagne said...

ohh that looks SO cool, I've never been to disney world, I've only been to disney land... hahaha I'd get giddy at that entrance too it's too cute, and those masks <3

Rolled Up Pretty said...

LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD A BLAST! Fun! I need a vacay BAD! Thanks for sharing this and linking up to my blog! :)

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Hey girl! You may wanna check out my post for today.... ;)

Lyosha said...

soo fun! i wanna do the same!

Inside and OPutside Blog

Bravoe Runway said...

I am so glad you got to getaway for the weekend and the food sounds amazing! I was in Epcot over 20 years ago!

just tututiny said...

Aww - I am so jealous! I love Disney - we have only been to magic kingdom though. One of these days I must visit Epcot. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Heather said...

I totally agree that Disney World is the happiest place on earth - what a fun trip, and great pics!

Jazmin said...

It looks like so much fun, however that display is way too much. Feel free to swing by my blog and follow if you'd like; I'll do the same as well.

Erica said...

I think Disney might be my favorite place ever. Luckily I only live 2 hours south of Orlando, so its great for quick weekend trips whenever we want! We already have a trip planned a few weeks before Christmas too ;)