Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How To: Organize Beauty Products

Our master bathroom was remodeled a few months ago and we were able to design our double vanity with doors and drawers as we needed. I have a whole lotta hair tools, bath products and makeup and instead of just dumping everything into a train case or basket like I had to with the old vanity, I was able to really sift through and separate everything, organizing it all in a way that would be easier and more functional (you can see the photos below). There was nothing more annoying for me than to waste time searching for an eyeshadow or bobby 6:30 in the morning, no less!

Here is a video from BellaSugar that gives some tips on organizing your beauty products. After that, you can see how I organized my own!


Here is what our new vanity looked like - two open door cabinets, four pull out drawers.
I took over five of them.

Organizing the drawers took some time - I had the same idea as BellaSugar using the clear divider trays, but I had to play around with everything for awhile until I found the right fit. I had a lot more stuff than I thought!

Drawer #1

Drawer #2

Drawer #3

Drawer #4

The two open cabinets on either side kinda hold a mish-mash of things (unfortunately our plumbing determined what would and wouldn't fit inside)...extra shampoos, body wash, hair tools and one teeny clear bin for the Husband. Poor guy.

The majority of the storage items were purchased at Target. The trays found in the bathroom storage area had ridges on the bottom so instead, I used trays meant for desk organization for my makeup (wide and narrow ones to fit my drawers) as well as small and large bins for the larger items in either cabinet.

Hope you found these tips and photos helpful!
How do you organize your beauty products?


Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

You are soooo much more organized than I am. I feel like such a lazy bum after looking at your bathroom :) I love it and you can see and use everything You've inspired me.

Red Soles and Red Wine

just tututiny said...

Gosh - you are so organized I almost want to hate you ;) I tend to clean and organize at least once a month but things get tossed here and there and next thing you know I can't even find a bobby pin! These are great ideas - we will be moving to our new house next year so I will archive this for future use. Thanks my dear!

Jessica said...

So organized! I need to do this! Haha. My bathroom is cluttered with my makeup and my boyfriend cannot stand it. I seriously need to take these tips and apply them. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

xx Jessica

Erica said...

@Jen, Thu & Jessica - You all are too sweet! I am glad this little post gave you ideas & inspiration! You all better share your pics :) xo

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

You are so much more organized than I am... this is great inspiration... must go home and clean ASAP!!!

Erica said...

@Grace - Haha! Get it girl! ;)

Samantha said...

I need the smaller drawers for my bathroom, that is the one thing I need to figure out how to fix (I have two small drawers on each side and then underneath the sink). Love how you've organized everything!

Bravoe Runway said...

Can I just fly you up to Chicago and reorganize my drawers? I need to go and get those clear organizers....

Jules said...

I envy you! My getting ready time would probably be cut in half if my bathroom looked like yours. This is serious inspiration for me!

Shoes and Jules

Erica said...

@Samantha - The trays really help! Hope you are able to work them out in your own bathroom :)

@Bravoe Runway - Book me a flight & I am so there! I love organizing's kinda therapeutic & fun ;)

@Jules - It really cut down time once I organized everything. I now know where it all is!

Ly said...

I love your organization. I cant seem to keep my things organized.


Erica said...

@Ly - It was a process! But so efficient :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh! this is zen. Thanks for the tips. I'm officially inspired.

Erica said...

@Brittany Leigh - Thanks for checking it out :)