Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday's Five

Here are my five favorites this week...

#1 - I know this is old news, but I finally got around to reading the eulogy written for Steve Jobs by his sister, Mona Simpson. It was such a beautiful tribute to the brother she met when she was 25...I can only imagine how much more she would have written had they met earlier.

#2 - This cake was designed for The Glitter Guide by Washington DC attorney/baker/blogger, Apollina. You can recreate this cake for the holidays or any occasion you want to celebrate!

#3 - I am a big fan of proper grammar. Nothing irritates me more than seeing the wrong words in the wrong place or the misspelling of those words. This tee would also be perfect for "their" and "they're" - I am sure there are a bunch to choose from!

#4 - Again, I may be late on this video but since finally watching it this week, I have replayed it over and over! Oh Jimmy Kimmel, what a fabulous idea!

#5 - I'm sure you have seen my wedding posts (here and here) and thought, "Does Erica have any other weddings to attend this year?" Well, the answer would be yes. BUT it is the last one for 2011! The lucky couple to be graced with our presence (Ha! Just Kidding!) is Loriell and Karl! We are really excited to see our friends tie the knot this evening...and even more excited about all the dancing we will be doing together. :)

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Rolled Up Pretty said...

Oh my, NOTHING irritates me more than improper grammar too! HA!

Erica said...

@Rolled Up Pretty - Good to see that I'm not alone on that ;)

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Loved that Glitter Guide cake and that tee is too funnY!

just tututiny said...

Indeed - can't stand intentional grammar error. I can't believe you been to so many weddings this year - I've only attended and was a part of one. I guess I don't have that many friends.

Have a great weekend.

Erica said...

@Grace - Isn't that cake so pretty?! I wouldn't want to cut it!

@Thu - We can't believe it's been that season! Last year I think we had 1 or 2, so this year it felt like it was one right after the other! I don't think 2012 will be as busy ;)

Bonnie said...

I love that grammar T-shirt! Improper grammar drives me insane.
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