Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's Five

Here are my five favorites this week...

#1 - Dreams. Most people dream in their sleep so rarely, the dreams aren't as vivid or aren't as consistent. For me, the dreams come practically every single night and they are so real. I can almost 'feel' what is happening and when I wake up, the emotion from the dream is on my face whether it be a big smile or tears from my eyes. I am not sure why I dream as often as I do, but this week has been full of good ones!

#2 - Pumpkin. From scented candles to coffee creamer to the spice for my pumpkin bread recipe, I am having a love affair with it this week! I don't think it should just be reserved for the holiday's that yum!

#3 - The Target commercials for Black Friday featuring the crazy Christmas Champ lady are back! I love her commercials and they get better every year!

#4 - Buxom's Big & Healthy lip polish in Dolly. This has been my go-to gloss this week. I originally received a sample from Sephora and got hooked, so I went ahead and bought the full sized version. It tingles a bit because it plumps your lips and the color is so pretty!

#5 - Friday night date night with our crew! Tonight the Hubs & I are heading out with some of our favorite couples for an evening of pizza and bowling. It's sure to be a fun night!

Happy Friday!


Jessica said...

Yay! Happy Friday! My dreams are the SAME exact way. I always feel like they are real. I know a lot of people have lucid dreams where they know they are dreaming, but I honestly feel like whatever's going on is really happening. Sometimes its awesome, other times, not so much lol.

And I have some pumpkin scented tea lights that I haven't been able to stop burning haha. The smell is wonderful. :)

xx Jessica

Erica said...

@Jessica - Glad to know I am not the only one with intense dreamin'! Haha!

Alexandra said...

I love buxom!! Makes my lips look amazing!


LV said...

Love your Friday Five!

Erica said...

@Alexandra - I am loving it too!

@LV - Thank you for checking it out!

Whitney Cosgrave said...

I agree, I love ANYTHING pumpkin. Sounds like a fun night you have planned!


just tututiny said...

YAY for friday and a date night too! I never remember my dreams, then again I only get 3-4 hours a sleep per night anyways so a good dream for me is if I get to sleep more ;) Have a great weekend!

Carolyn said...

i'm so obsessed with pumpkin come fall season. love everything with it!

Jules said...

I am insanely jealous that you have vivid dreams every night! I used to have the best dreams. Dreams that would inspire me. I believe that all dreams have meaning. I actually used to keep a dream journal because writing our your dreams as soon as you wake up helps you remember more details and therefore makes it easier to research the meaning(s). I haven't remembered one single dream in well over a year! Is that crazy or what?! I think it has to do with stress and not sleeping enough. Waaa, I miss dreaming!

Shoes and Jules

Bravoe Runway said...

I hope you are enjoying your pizza and bowling night! I have not yet tried the buxom gloss but definitely want to once my MAC gloss is done ;)

Erica said...

Pizza & bowling night was a success! Definitely a lot of fun & there was much laughter throughout the night :)

@Jules - I may start writing my dreams down! They are so vivid & some of them actually end up coming to be later down the road. It's quite interesting!