Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Princess Bride

I love that movie, don't you? It is just a classic in my eyes. The Hubs has yet to see it (I am not sure what person hasn't seen it?!) but I plan to sit him down for a viewing soon.
Anyways, that isn't what this post is about. It is really about that princess type moment that a bride experiences on her wedding day. And what better way to be a princess on your wedding day than to wear a dress inspired by a Disney princess!
Alfred Angelo and Disney have created a collection called "Fairy Tale Weddings" offering nine gowns named and designed after a Disney princess.
You can get details and prices on their site, but here are the official 'royal portraits'.
(Cinderella Platinum and Rapunzel not shown)





Sleeping Beauty

Snow White


DeAnna Pappas of "Bachelorette" fame wore the Ariel gown when she married Stephen Stagliano almost two weeks ago...I think she looks lovely!

"Beauty and the Beast" has always been my favorite Disney movie and Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess. Something about her being a bookworm made her seem so relatable to me! So when it was my time to hunt for my own wedding gown (almost 5 years ago!), my mother found THE dress and when I put it on, the pick-ups on the skirt immediately made me think of the yellow gown Belle wears. I guess it was fate :)

So what do you think of the Disney Princess gowns by Aldred Angelo?
While I am a bit loyal to Belle and her gown, I really think my other two favorites are Sleeping Beauty & Tiana. They all are just so beautiful. I'm a bit sad these weren't around when I was getting married. Vow renewal perhaps??

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Lindsey said...

These are fantastic! Ariel was always my favorite- it was the red hair!

Best, Lindsey

kat @ paper doll theory said...

i love snow white's!! i love all of them really :) your blog is amazing!

were doing a quick giveaway hope you can stop by and enter! ir just stop by when you have a chance and show some love back :)
love kat

Erica said...

@Lindsey - Ariel's dress is pretty cool too :)

@Kat - Thank you for stopping by! I will definitely check your blog out :)

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! These are amazing! I love Alfred Angelo by the way, I almost bought a dress from there for an event but I opted for something else. I'm checking out this colletion now...even though I'm not engaged haha. :)

Sarah said...

I love these dresses,especially Sleeping Beauty's. I am also a huge fan of the princess bride film as well.



Erica said...

@Jessica - It's never too early to shop around! Plus just think when it IS time to buy your wedding dress, you could be one step ahead of your to-do list ;)

@Sarah - I think the skirt on Sleeping Beauty's dress is AMAZING.

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

I LOVED the Princess Bride, haha... love when fashion aligns with my inner nerd, ha!

Bravoe Runway said...

These are gorgeous! I've seen David Turtero feature them on my fair wedding! If I ever get married one day, I want to design my own dress!

Chloe said...

The Ariel dress is so pretty - it makes me want to get married all over again, darnit!

And The Princess Bride is such a classic--your husband needs to see it soon! Me and my own husband always get sucked into it when they replay it (weekly) on TNT, hee hee hee. <3

just tututiny said...

These dresses are amazing. You looked beautiful in your dress E! It def. does look like Belle's dress. Gorgeous. I got married 6 years ago and didn't want to spend a lot of money on my dress so we picked something princess-y up at david's bridal - of course not as gorgeous as these but I love it anyways. I am thinking of renewing my vows in 4 years so hopefully I can still fit it and take pictures to share ;) (if we are still blogging in 4 years that is - hahahaha)

Tiffany said...

So pretty! And I love your dress! You looked amazing!

Erica said...

@Grace - HAHA! I can relate sista!

@Bravoe Runway - That is a fabulous idea! I always dreamt of a Vera Wang gown, but she was not in my budget :(

@Chloe - Me too! I seriously want to renew our vows just to get all dressed up again & have a fabulous party! And I SERIOUSLY need to get my husband to see it...it's such a classic!

@Thu - Thank you! Guess what...my dress was from David's Bridal too :) Fingers crossed, we can share vow renewal pics in the years to come!

@Tiffany - Thank you so much! :)