Thursday, September 15, 2011

Googly Eyes

I love shoes. I especially love Christian Louboutin shoes. Fingers crossed I may come across a pair in my lifetime, but until then I stalk them online.

Today I came across this pair and I was a bit shocked that they held the Louboutin name. They are just not a style that I would associate with that famous red sole.

Behold, the Christian Louboutin Déjà vu slingback...

Don't they just seem comical?! And given the brand they belong to, these puppies don't come cheap. They are priced at $1,595. Wow. I love Christian Louboutin, but I rather spend that money on a pair of his shoes that work for something other than a costume.

During my downtime, I came across a post from Marisa, the girl behind the blog New Dress A Day who actually made a copycat pair of these shoes! She just took a pair of basic black pumps and glued googly eyes all over them! The best part is that her project only cost $15!

After seeing the pictures of her finished project, they actually seemed a bit more wearable than I originally thought. I mean if googly eyes can be glued onto shoes, I wonder what else can be glued down. Hmmm, this might become a future DIY project!


Jules said...

Interesting!! I would have loved to see how she (or anyone) styled them.

Shoes and Jules

Raving Fashionista said...

Hmmm... Yea, no matter how much money I had to throw away, I don't think I could ever justify a $1,595 pair of google eye shoes!


Erica said...

Agreed! There are prettier CL shoes I would spend that much money on & they don't have googly eyes! :)