Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Five

My five favorites this week -

#1 - The self-titled release album from The Band Perry. My husband and I have been stuck on country music lately and this particular cd has been playing in my car all week!

#2 - Every little girl loves playing with makeup. Most little girls don't have makeup tutorials for the world to see! Check out Madison's sunflower inspired look for Halloween - she is way too cute!

chicka, chicka, wow, wow!

#3 - Now I am a personal member of the "I always overpack for a trip" club. I just feel like you can never have too many options and it's always better to have extra than not have enough. I think Rachel Zoe took it to a whole other level when she packed for Paris Fashion Week. Rodger doesn't look too thrilled...

(photo via The Zoe Report)
#4 - I have found my absolute favorite recipe for homemade mashed potatoes. These are absolutely heavenly! I made them this week and we had enough for leftovers the next day...the only leftover my husband hasn't complained about! Thanks Pioneer Woman!

#5 - This Johnson & Johnson commercial tugs at my heartstrings everytime! The smile...the eyes...the chubby rolls! So precious!

Enjoy your weekend!


Lita said...

Have you tried using greek yogurt and dill with mashed potatoes? They get a different flavor, slightly tangy but yummy :)

Erica said...

@Lita - No, I haven't tried that! Sounds delish!

Lita said...

Since I decided to lower fats in my diet, I use some smart balance butter/spread, non fat greek chobani yogurt and dill with salt and pepper to make mashed potatoes, it comes out good and healthier :-)