Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Five

Five things that definitely made this week a bit brighter...

#1 - NBC's new show "Up All Night" actually premieres next Wednesday but this week they gave us a sneak peek. It was so funny and it gave me (and the hubs) a humorous little dose of what life might really be like once we have a baby on our hands. Pretty hilarious!

#2 - My birthday gift perfume, Dior's Miss Cherie. I have literally been wearing it every single day!

#3 - A special treat this week was spending a few hours at a local spa after work. My husband bought a package (months ago!) at a great price so that I could enjoy a facial, a glycolic peel, a spa pedicure and a foot reflexology treatment. I would never buy that many spa treatments at one time for myself so it was nice to enjoy them without feeling financial guilt. And just walking into this place made me feel like I was entering a pampering heaven!

#4 - Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's duet, "Remind Me" has been played more times than I can count! I love the song and can't hear it enough. Plus I love how amazing Carrie looks in the video! Gorgeous!

#5 - Lastly, the brightest part of the week was starting this blog! It's been on my "I-kinda-want-to-do-this" list but it kept being pushed aside. More important things (or excuses?)came up and it got forgotten. But I'm pretty happy that I finally put it together! I'm curious to see what it will turn into!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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