Monday, September 17, 2012

Cheers to One Year!

The Pretty Factor is officially one year old!
Technically it turned one on Friday but oops, I forgot.
I cannot believe one entire year has gone by since I started this little blog. I didn't even know what I would blog about or how consistently I would blog, but over the year I stuck with writing on things that interested me no matter the subject.
I have hosted a giveaway, participated in a Bloggers Do It Better challenge, shared some outfit posts (examples: here and here), recipes (examples: here, here and here) and even experienced my first Fashion's Night Out! I joined FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Bloglovin' and I even have my own fancy cards to can even shop my closet!
This has become such an enjoyable journey for me. Regardless of whether or not it's read or shared or commented on, it has become my own place to express myself about all the different things I love. I hope this next year brings even more joy with the hopes of new doors being opened for me to experience new and exciting things!
Thank you to those who have supported this little project of mine - I hope you will continue to follow along and see where The Pretty Factor goes in year two!


Petra said...

Congratulations to one year anniversary. Thats really amazing. I wish you for you and the blog all the best for the future.
xo, Petra

Jonesy said...

Happy Bloggin' Birthday! Here to confirm others do get enjoyment out of your posts! Cheers to many, many more years.