Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peter Pan Collars

Peter Pan collars have become a regular in the fashion scene as of late, but it's not easy to find classic pieces with this collar that will live on once this trend is behind us. Finding necklaces in this shape is an easy way to be trendy yet not be locked in forever.
Check out these options:
I personally love this new trend - it's an easy way to dress up a plain dress, tee or sweater.
It adds just a touch of glam to something that may be a little less dressy on it's own.
Peter Pan collars - a do or a don't?


Lisa Hickman said...

I'm indifferent, it's cute but I'm not in love it with. If I find something I like with it, I get it but I'm not going to go looking for it ;)

Jayne Wilson said...

I love these necklaces!!

following your blog now! Would love for you to follow back (: