Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wow Brows

My eyebrows may be the bane of my beauty existence. If they are groomed, I definitely feel as if they give my overhaul look a cleaner polish. But if they happen to be ungroomed, I feel as if everyone else notices how overgrown they have become & I feel so self conscious! So thanks to my own brow-insecurities, I'll have them waxed whenever I get my mani/pedi done. But why? That doesn't even make sense to me, but it seems to be so common! Get your nails done, get your brows done. But the nail technicians aren't brow technicians, so why do I even allow them to groom my face?!

My friend Samantha is a local makeup artist and generally the one I go to when I have a beauty question. So naturally I asked if she knew anyone who could work wonders on my brows and she referred me to Wow Brows.

Wow Brows is the creation of two sisters, Dari and Gail. They share a unique passion for eyebrows and started their business up north, in New York and Boston. They eventually brought Wow Brows to South Florida. Dari runs their Sunny Isles location while Gail works it out in Cooper City.

I made my appointment with Gail per Samantha's recommendation and was so impressed by how different this experience was compared to my eyebrow appointments with my nail girl. Gail took quite awhile studying my face - checking every angle from my eyes to my brows, seeing where hair needed to be removed and where hair needed to grow back in. This was no quickie session, but she explained how she really takes her time with a client's first visit to really make sure she compliments the individual face. After studying my brows, she applied the organic green wax and stripped away. This wax didn't require strips either. It's miracle wax, I think! ;)

I was truly impressed with how my eyebrows looked. I have always been complimented on the natural arch of my brows in the past, but there were 'sparse' areas that were so irritating to me. Gail 'lifted' my brows in a way that made my eyes appear larger and really enhanced my eyebrows natural shape. My second visit to her (about 3.5 weeks later) was just as good. Did I mention that Wow Brows is the official brow shaper for the Florida Panthers Lady Panthers cheerleaders?!

In addition to the brow shaping, Wow Brows offers their own eyebrow products with everything from brow pens to gels and powders. Gail was sweet enough to gift me with their Brow Definer pen to fill in the areas of my brows that I don't feel are full enough.

If you are in the South Florida area, I suggest you pay a visit to Wow Brows and see just how amazing your eyebrows will look when they are done by someone who specializes in...eyebrows!

Sunny Isles - Miami Beach
17070 Collins Avenue, Suite 268

Cooper City
8698 Griffin Road


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