Monday, May 21, 2012

MAC Haul

I can't get enough of MAC Cosmetics. Aside from the necessary items (foundation, powder, concealer, etc), the not so necessary items always get me - hook, line & sinker! Every single time I visit a MAC counter, I get lost in their endless shades of eyeshadow & lip colors. Before I know it, time has flown by and I leave with no less than a handful of goodies to play with at home. Here are some of my latest purchases...not all from one trip though! ;)

First up, the face products...

This was a re-purchase of the Fix +. I really like how it sets my makeup & I have noticed an improvement of how long my 'face' will stay put since using this product. The MAC artist suggested the Oil Control Lotion as my face tends to get a tad oily as the day goes on. I have been using it for a week or so & I think it has helped a tad in controlling the oil, but I can't say I have noticed a major difference. It is pretty lightweight & absorbs quickly into my skin. I am just not sure yet if I will buy it again once this one gets used up.

Everything here was a re-purchase. I have been using their foundation/powder/concealer combo for several years now & since it's been working well, I really haven't had a need to look elsewhere. The only difference here is that the MAC artist suggested I take the NC25 in the foundation because my skin currently isn't so tan (I usually buy NC30). Well I am finding that it's a bit light on my face but since I keep forgetting to exchange it, I am just adding a little bit of tinted moisturizer & it's working. Next time, I will stick with my NC30.

Next up, the eye products...

L - R: Brule Eyeshadow (Satin), Expensive Pink Eyeshadow (Veluxe Pearl)

Both of these eyeshadow colors are new for me. I have seen Brule featured on beauty blogs & videos as a good highlight color. I'm not sure why I never picked it up before. And Expensive Pink was one of those not so necessary items that sucked me in. It caught my eye & I thought it was too pretty of a pink to pass up!

Lastly, the lip products...

L - R: Girl About Town Lipstick (Amplified; from the Fashion Sets collection), Hibiscus Lipstick (Cremesheen; from the Surf! Baby collection - no longer available)

The colors offered in the Fashion Sets collection come in a lipstick, lipglass & nail polish. Once I read reviews & saw swatches of the colors offered, I made a list in my iPhone of the colors I was interested in seeing up close. Girl About Town is so pretty on & I may go back for the lipglass version. The Surf! Baby collection is one from summer 2011 & this lipstick was actually purchased on eBay! I was on the hunt for a pretty coral lipstick color & after some Googling, I came across a post on Temptalia featuring Hibiscus. I became obsessed & HAD TO HAVE IT. In came eBay & voila! I love love love these two lipsticks!

L - R: Sheen Supreme Lipsticks in Fashion City & Ultra Darling

Another first time purchase, but I am in love! The smoothness of these lipsticks is ridiculous. They go on super smooth & they feel so creamy! Fashion City is a soft coral-y color & Ultra Darling is a pretty rosy pink. Love them. I will probably check out what other colors they have because this formula is pretty amazing!

So that is all! Whew! It's pretty crazy how much I love MAC Cosmetics. I had my makeup done there for my own wedding day & for other weddings that I was in. There may be other brands that are better or whatnot, but I figure if it ain't broke, then why fix it??

And holy moley, have you seen their newest collection Hey ,Sailor! Oh you know, I already have my iPhone list started! ;)


smk053078 said...

Wow!! You got some great stuff! Love those lip shades!! My go-to cosmetic line is Urban Decay. In my opinion, they have the best shadows and liners on the market!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm not the biggest fan of MAC, but those lipstick colors are gorgeous! Have a beautiful Monday!

Heather said...

I absolutely love their lip gloss - but haven't tried anything else.. thanks for the review!


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

those lip colors are amazing!

AliciaKara said...

Love Love Love your blog! You have amazing style & your so pretty :) Would make my day if you could follow back