Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'll be honest - I hate making a list of resolutions for the new year because it ends being a waste of time. Who really holds onto that list all year long and makes the concentrated effort to accomplish each one? I never did. I would make the (mental) list, forget about the list and then recall it months later only to realize that nothing had yet to be checked off. But something in me this year felt compelled to put it down on paper (or on the web) because maybe if I see it on a regular basis and have some accountability, I might be able to cross things off for once. So here is just a small part of my list...I probably could have filled up a notebook with my to-do's! And maybe every once in awhile, you'll check on my progress!

1 - Become healthier. Most people have "lose weight" on their resolution list and while that is included in this for myself, there is more to it than just dropping pounds. I'm not too good at keeping up with regular checkups with my doctors or taking vitamins every single day (like this morning, I left them on my kitchen counter!) so those are aspects of being healthier that I want to include. I also want to make an effort to cook healthier meals, eat out less, drink more water and find a way to make exercise a regular part of my personal routine. I found Zumba last year and loved it, so I want to do that a few times a week if possible. I know I can't rely on anyone else by myself for my health. I know this one will be hard on me but I am hoping that it becomes a habit (even if it starts slowly).

2 - Learn something new. The Hubs & I had a good long talk a few months back about wanting to learn something new. Sometimes education stops after people leave high school & college, but I kinda miss learning in that whole classroom/book sense. Now I don't necessarily mean I will sign up for school & all that, but I want to challenge my brain a bit. It doesn't have to be anything major but just something new. I do want to take a cooking class for sure. Maybe even photography? Who knows! As long as I am learning something new and making my mind work.

3 - Shop for classics. A few months back I was cleaning out my closet and going through the inventory of my clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories (boy, did that take awhile!) and I realized something - I had more trendier fashion items than I did classic, never-go-out-of-style items. And right then and there, I made a list of those classic items that I was lacking. And I was surprised with some of them. For instance, I don't own ONE button down white shirt. But I have like ten purple blouses. Ha! So from now on, my purchases need to be classic-based and less of items that will only work for specific occasions. Oh and all those trendier items that I decided not to keep? Stay tuned... ;)

4 - Get back to couponing. I was led into the world of couponing by a friend of mine who clearly had it mastered. She had stockpiled tons of items and even helped me set up my own coupon binder. I was super excited to save money and I took off. Now I wasn't on Extreme Couponing levels, but I had a decent stockpile set up and we saved a lot of money every time we went grocery/household shopping. And then it died off. I would clip coupons here and there, but I wasn't devoting the time as I did before. Well no more. I am promising myself to take the time to get back on the coupon train, save money and stock up on items.

5 - Organize, organize, organize. Now this one is not going to be so difficult because by nature, I like things in order and organize the most mundane things, but when it comes to bigger projects, I don't always have the same enthusiasm. So for instance, our desk area needs a MAJOR overhaul. Our desk has literally become the "toss it there" station and it's a mess. I also need to get onto other areas in our home to spruce them up. These won't take very long - it's just a matter of setting the time aside and getting it organized! I love me some labels and bins, so I am looking forward to this one. :)

So that's just a few things on my resolution list for 2012. Some will be easy to accomplish, while others will take more of a push but I am hoping that by December, I can look back and see that I actually got them done. I'm sure the results will be worth the efforts!

What resolutions do you have for this year? I'd love to hear all about them!

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Fashion-isha said...

Love hearing all the bloggers' resolutions! Yours are really meaningful too!

Happy New Year!

Lita said...

After paying visits to the hospital 3 years in a row, because of either my husband or myself, my main resolution is to not go to the hospital this year.

Another goal I have, which I'm hoping to accomplish this year is to finally complete my masters, of course this will depend on my finding a project to complete before the end of the year while finishing my last 4 classes.

Organization would be nice, but I won't put that much pressure on myself yet, lol.

rolala said...

Good ones! I'm just going to be happy and keep a positive outlook no matter what happens this year. Happy 2012!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I hate doing lists too! And it's probably totally because I never stick with them and then just get annoyed with myself. But this is a GREAT list! Maybe I should do one now.... :)

Cathy said...

Best wishes!!! I myself, would love to be more organized!

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

hello there new follower...
I am glad I bumped into your blog/ post... this year although I want to focus on certain things I want to take it easy and not stress too much... hopefully that helps me achieve my goals... one is organizing my closet I have postponed that one for a WHILE.. .is on my list to do for sure.

I invite you to check out my blog.

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Happy New Year, and good luck!!!

Kenziefaith said...

I love reading resolutions! This is a great list. Inspiring!

Heather said...

I like your resolution of trying something new! Mine are to go to church twice a month, read a book a month, and be more honest with myself :)


Bravoe Runway said...

I think your resolutions are fantastic for the year Erica! You know...learning something new is always an enjoyable experience. As for shopping, I am really surprised that you don't own a classic white shirt. But it's ok, this year you'll invest in a couple of great pieces.

Kylee Noelle {blog} said...

Love your "shopping for the classics" goal! I totally relate. Having the basics in your closet is key.

Kylee Noelle

Kassi said...

I am absolutely awful about owning basics. I don't have a white button down either!
I love Zumba - I think being healthier is a great goal! My husband and I are switching to a mainly plant based diet. It scares me so much.