Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Scenes from Christmas

I can't believe Christmas came and went by so quickly! I think just flew by once Thanksgiving came and now here we are about to walk into a new year. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday with family and friends. Nothing better than that, right?
Here are some snapshots of what my holiday looked like!

On Friday evening, the Hubs took me to see The Nutcracker ballet performed by Miami City Ballet. This is my all time favorite ballet. It is such a sweet memory of my childhood because my parents took me a few times to see it. My husband is a super macho man so he wasn't entirely into the idea of watching a ballet, but in the end he actually enjoyed it!

Christmas Eve was spent at my uncle and aunt's house for the traditional family dinner. My extended family is about 50 strong and every holiday get together is filled with an abundance of delicious foods, fun (although SUPER competitive) games and lots of picture taking. I am usually the one initiating the photo ops (much to everyone's dismay) but for some reason, I did not take ONE picture this year! There was just too much going on! Super bummed because my outfit was pretty cute. Ha!

I did much better when it came to Christmas Day though! My brother and his wife were in town so the family met at my parents house for gifts and brunch. My mom does not slack off when it comes to brunch. She makes a million courses and we get filled to the brim.

(that would be banana/pecan stuffed french toast - heavenly!)

(My brother's dog, Lily had her first Christmas with us!)

And the gifts. I was definitely spoiled this year. I didn't even snap pics of them all (this year was not the one for photo taking apparently) but if you remember my wish list here, I did get the pink Clarisonic system, Zumba for Wii & the monogrammed pendant!

(Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty)

I was also blessed with some other books, movies, cds, perfumes and such. The BIG gift from my husband this year was a white iPad2. Sure I wanted it but Apple's price tags almost nauseate me so I kept telling him to not take me seriously. He did anyway. I still cannot believe I have it and it's taking me forever to figure it out but he said that it was like a "Go get 'em tiger" gift in regards to my ventures into blogging. It was really sweet :)

I'd love to know what your Christmas looked like and what gifts you got this year!

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Megan said...

Happy Holidays! How fun that you saw the Nutcracker :)

Heather said...

The Nutcracker! You are a lucky girl... and I can't wait to see you feature that monogram necklace - I love it!!!


just tututiny said...

What a beautiful monogram necklace, it is gorgeous! You are def. spoiled this year :)

I'm glad you liked my watch. I have been drooling over your Guess one since back in September and hubby finally pulled the plug for me ;)

Whitney Cosgrave said...

looks like a great Christmas! I love the Nutcracker, it's one of my favorite things to do during the holidays!

eiramave said...

Happy holidays! Wow. I love that book by Candace Bushnell. It's a good read. :)

Followed. :)


Rolled Up Pretty said...

OMG you look like you had SO MUCH FUN! :)

Monica said...

I love the Nutcracker! Looks like you got some great gifts too!

Ambyr said...

Awww the Nutcracker. I went this year for the first time since I was a child, I loved it. Sounds like you had a great time. I spent my Christmas at my Aunt's house and it was great. Lots of games, including watching Grandpa play Dance Revolution on the Wii, along with presents and food.


Jules said...

I absolutely LOVE the nutcracker.. and I hate ballet. Go figure! LOL I went to see it so many times when I was younger. I think I need to go see it again. It's been too long!

Let me know how the Carrie Diaries is. I want it! I read other books by Candace Bushnell and they were great. So it should be really good!

Shoes and Jules

Sandra said...

Your gifts sound/look amazing! :)


Looms, Lids, and Layers said...

Fun Christmas! I would love to attend the Nutcracker! I want to try the Carrie Diaries too! I have a new Nook Color so I may nook it! Happy Holidays!

Olya said...

Loving your gifts1 Looks very cool! Happy holidays :) Olya xx

Lost&Found said...

Aww, so jealous that your hubs took you to see the Nutcracker! I haven't seen it in YEARS, and I miss it!!!

Hope you had an amazing holiday weekend!


Bravoe Runway said...

Your monogram necklace is stunning!