Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bauble Swap by Because Shanna Said So

Can you guess what this is??

If you guessed that it's what I received in the Bauble Swap hosted by Because Shanna Said So, then you are correct!

Tasha from twenty-something. was my partner in this Bauble Swap and she sent me this gorgeous mother-of-pearl necklace!

Isn't it amazing?! Tasha purchased it in China and never got to wear it herself - I am so happy that she chose to send me her treasure! I cannot wait to wear it!

Thank you Tasha for sending this beautiful necklace my way!

And thank you Shanna for hosting such a fun swap!


1 comment:

smk053078 said...

Holy heaven!!! It's gorgeous!!! JEALOUS!!! Thanks sooooooo much for joining!! It means the world!!! Love you girls!!!